When: Thursday 3rd November 2016, 7pm – 10pm

Where: Function Room, The Star of Kings pub, London

When trying to make your equipment work, please a reviewer, or understand what your colleague is going on about, sometimes you just have to laugh.

So we’re adding a Science Showoff fringe event to SpotOn London, a one-day conference looking at the future of science, communications, technology and policy, on the 3rd of November. Both attendees from the conference and our usual motley crew of talented science communicators will be performing at the Star of Kings in central London on 3rd November. We welcome anyone in the audience, whether they are attending the conference, scientists, or real people, as long as they are good at clapping.

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You will be hearing from the wonderful:

  • Florence Schechter,  a science YouTuber and performer with a BSc in Biochemistry. This taught her the invaluable skill of hating working in labs, so here she is talking about them instead. Her hobbies include travelling and finding an appropriate cat gif for every situation.
  • Stevie Steven GCSE: Confused and amazed in a world I don’t understand, I’ll share stories of adventure and fannying about. This is mostly improvised, includes science and is unnamed.
  • Davina Bentley works as a lawyer by day and stand up comedian by night. As a neuroscience graduate and lawyer she is  particularly interested in the emerging field of neurolaw, but there are no good jokes there so just makes gags about body parts instead.
  • Sadie Harrison, dramaturgist and historian. She doesn’t know anything about publishing in 2030, but she can tell you about 1730.
  • Mike Conterio, who will be shining a light on a common device that has been of dubious benefit to science talks, but a boon to science and sci-fi
  • Elodie Chabrol – a researcher in neuroscience at UCL and the French director of Pint of Science. Outside of the lab, you’ll find Elodie on her phone organising Pint of Science and if not she’ll probably be at the pub! Elodie will talk about love, oxytocin prairie voles and will try and experiment on the audience.  Be ready to fall in love!
  • Scary Boots, a PhD student who will address fundamental scientific questions such as what to investigate and what to do when it doesn’t work.

Your MC for the night will be Northern Powerhouse Dr Jamie Upton. Jamie has a grand total of 1 (one) open access paper, which at least 8 people have read – 7 of whom are not his mum.

And more to be confirmed when we know what they are talking about! (If you’re attending the conference and interested in performance, give us a mail – spoton@scienceshowoff.org )

Get involved

If you think you’ve got what it takes to showoff your science and you want to take part, we’re currently looking for five performers who are attending SpotOn London 2016 to perform 9-minute sets, communicating any kind of science in any way at all. You could:

  • Show a film you just made
  • Try out a new demo
  • Practice a new science comedy set
  • Tell us about your new discovery
  • Perform an 9-minute play about science
  • Play your new song about protons
  • Tell us what you’ve been up to
  • Predict the future
  • Give us a taster of your science-themed Edinburgh show
  • Read us your latest science poem
  • Try out a bit of a new science lesson on us
  • Play us a short radio documentary
  • Experiment on the crowd
  • Read us a blogpost
  • Perform an interpretive dance about science
  • Or anything else…

If you are interested please can you email  Spoton@scienceshowoff.org and do take a look at the Science Showoff website for some inspiration.