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BioMed Central the open access publisher will be visiting a host of cities across the globe in 2015. A series of one day seminars/workshops will have a unique tailored program giving our delegates a chance to meet local and international editors, get updated on open access publishing and hear insights from world renowned academics.

Registration open for:

Seoul, 4th December 2015 - Event Finished
Tokyo, 2nd December 2015 - Event Finished
London, 20th May 2015 - Event Finished
Boston, 26th March 2015 - Event Finished
Melbourne, 19th February 2015 - Event Finished
Sydney, 23rd February 2015 - Event Finished
Auckland, 26th February 2015 - Event Finished

Coming soon in 2016:

South America
Northern Europe
United Kingdom
North America
South East Asia


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